Shipping Details

When shipping to Singapore, anticipate a delivery window of 4-8 working days, contingent on the efficiency of our courier delivery management.

Our shipping rates are structured as follows:

  • For 1 unit: RM 50
  • For 2 units: RM 60
  • For 3 units: RM 83

For purchases exceeding 3 units, kindly get in touch with our sales executive. Please note that our checkout system allows a maximum of 3 units per transaction.

For comprehensive details and the latest updates, visit our website. It is crucial to understand that all procedures related to returns, refunds, and warranty claims are governed by our terms and conditions. We maintain the flexibility to adjust these terms to enhance customer service, align with legal requirements, and meet industry standards. Our commitment is to ensure that our terms and conditions remain current, reflecting our dedication to addressing the evolving needs of our valued community. Stay informed by checking our website regularly for any modifications.

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